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For those members using the on-line services to pay your Indiana Lakes FCU VISA account, please update the URL to:

Increased security questions have been added to protect you from unauthorized activity.
You may also access this site under the Products & Servies tab, followed by clicking on the VISA Cards tag line, then by clicking on the VISA logo .


Now Available:                               AND                          Perfect Teller Mobile


Debit Card Travel Security Precautions:

If you are traveling out of the State of Indiana, or Ohio, please contact the Credit Union at (800) 371-6762 to release your Indiana Lakes Federal Credit Union Debit MasterCard for use within a different state or country. Your Indiana Lakes Federal Credit Union Debit MasterCard is restricted at a variety of merchants outside of Indiana and Ohio, to protect you from fraudulent activity and charges. If you have any questions, please contact the Credit Union for details.

Telecommunication Update:    For the past three weeks, we have been experiencing dropped service from our Internet Service Provider.  This has affected our Perfect Teller Home Banking product, Debit Card program, and the ATM program.
Comcast has checked the connection, and replaced some of their equipment.  Although some weak signal issues were still detected, they feel that the service is within acceptable levels.  We have had two different Information Technology firms test our systems, and they indicate that the dropped communication issue is with the Comcast service.  As a result, we have contacted Centurylink to install a new modem line.  This installation is scheduled for June 27th (the earliest they could get here).  We have also contracted with a local IT firm to oversee that installation, and make sure that the new Centurylink hardware is properly communicating with our internal network and external service providers.  They are scheduled to do an extensive site review on Monday, June 19th, in preparation for that internet connection.
Since May 26th, our staff has had to manually reset the components that communicate information through the internet for these products and services.  We have been monitoring the connection to those componenets on an hourly basis from 8:00 am to 10 pm daily including weekends and holidays.  Our goal is to minimize the impact of the outage to those products and services to 15 minutes or less.  This monitoring will continue until a new internet line has been installed.
We have been frustrated that we have not been able to provide our normal high level of service for these products and services.  We apologize for any inconveniences that this issue may have caused you.