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Motor Vehicles rates as low as:
Year                          APR        Term
New Auto 2019      3.49%      1-60 months
2018-2017              3.49%      1-60 months
2016-2015              3.49%      1-60 months
2014-2013              3.49%      1-60 months
2012 and Older      5.25%      1-60 months

Boats, RVs, Motorcyles
Terms and rates are the same as "Motor Vehicle" rates

Share Secured
2% over the rate of the Share Account type securing the loan.

VISA Credit Cards
6.90% APR; 8.90% APR; 10.9%; APR 12.90%; APR; 15.90% APR; 17.90% APR
The loan rates will vary due to the applicant's credit history.

Signature Rates
7.90% APR to 17.90% APR - rates will vary due to the applicant's credit history.

Mortgage Loans Rates

Home Mortgage
Call toll free 1-800-371-6762 to get current rates and terms or to apply.

Home Equity Lines of Credit
Rates based on *Prime Rate for the life of the loan, no closing costs, credit card and check accessability of funds, and various repayment options make this a great financial management tool. Payments based on *Prime Rate plus a margin for the life of the loan. (*Prime Rate as published by the Wall Street Journal as of February 28, 2019 was 5.500% APR.)

Home Improvement
As low as 8.750% APR -rates will vary due to the applicant's credit history.

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Rates subject to change without notice. Indiana Lakes Federal
Credit Union reserves the right to match or beat any local competitor's rates.