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●View account information.
●Transfer money.
●View and print account histories.
●Make loan payments to ILFCU loans.
●View and print loan history.
●View monthly and quarterly statements online.  Why wait for your statements to arrive in the mail?  Switch to estatements and view statements at your convenience.

All you need to access Perfect Teller is a computer with internet connection and Windows 95 or newer.  To sign up, visit or call the Indiana Lakes Federal Credit Union office.  (For security reasons, you will need to present a current, valid ID.)
The recommended web-browser Flash Version of Perfect Teller can be accessed at:

Each time you connect to Perfect Teller, it will request that you key in your secret Personal Identification Number (PIN). You choose this PIN when you apply for Perfect Teller acess. To provide new security levels, a second “Key” is stored on your Personal Computer (PC) and becomes part of the authentication process. This process is called Multi-Factor Authentication. This second “Key” will be required on each PC from which you access your account.

After you connect the first time, you can have a Perfect Teller icon on your desktop by selecting “File” at the top of your screen, then “Send”, then “Shortcut to Desktop”. Rename your new icon Perfect Teller.
If you are having problems connecting, please call our office.

                               NEW!  FREE Mobile Banking!

With Mobile Banking on your smartphone or tablet, you can have transaction capabilities similar to Perfect Teller Home Banking - anytime, from anywhere.  If you are already a Perfect Teller Home Banking user and you have a compatible smartphone or device, you can start using PT Mobile Banking now - no further signup in our office is needed.

For Windows Devices:
(This will bring you to a modified sign-in screen. Please verify that it shows as INDIANA LAKES FEDERAL CREDIT UNION on your screen before proceeding.)  Sign in with your case sensitive account number, followed by your password.

For Apple & Android Devices:  Scan or search for your app using the following:
Apple:  Search for Perfect Teller in the Apple iTunes Store or scan this QR image for the ptApp



Android:  Search for Perfect Teller in the Google Play Store or scan this QR image for the ptApp



For either format, your CU ID is:  1863618636

If you are not a Perfect Teller Home Banking user, stop in or call the credit union to sign up today.